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Netgear router – redirects to – how to fix it

February 21, 2007 by decoding

Today I have installed my fresh Netgear router, plus to be more certain it really is the DG834PN model within the Wireless Rangemax series.

It is a good product, with good Wi-Fi help, a comprehensive settings menu along with a cool shape.

But I had the following annoying condition.

I didn’t complete the setup wizard, I went about plus set all settings manually, even before the ADSL connection has been triggered.

So, whenever the ADSL became alive, I got usually associated to the Internet.

And at which time I have been secured from the router’s admin/settings house page.

When I was typing found on the browser (Firefox 2.0 or IE7), the page was redirecting to that is a domain owned by Netgear.

The answer which was recommended by the Netgear’s help page, was to reset the router to the factory settings.

Anyway I didn’t do which, considering I might lose my settings, as well as the issue can be repeated also.

How did i fix the issue?

I opened the XP hosts file, plus did a guide insert there.

The hosts file is found at: C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc

The entry was:

We could should flush the DNS records at this point, or restart the computer.

And then utilize the following URL to access the admin page:

All completed!

Edit (01/05/07):

Below is another answer to the issue, that is a very straight-forward method to disable the annoying wizard.

Type inside a browser:

Select: Disable Configuration Assistant, plus visit Apply.

You are able to re-enable it by navigating to (where is a router’s IP address)

Like this:

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